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A 37 kDa/83 kDa RNase L isoform ratio could be used as a biochemical marker for chronic brucellosis patients
Castaño M.J., Moreno L., Navarro E., Serrano R., Calero R., Solera J.
A 3year study of Stenotrophomonas maltophilia clinical isolates in a tertiary hospital. Emergence of sulfamethoxazoletrimethoprim resistance
Stylianakis A., Tsiplakou S., Papaioannou V., Thomaidis P., Panagopoulou A., Karra C., Koutsoukou A.
A 3year survey of antifungal therapy results in febrile neutropenic patients with haematological malignancies: an analysis of 335 febrile episodes
A 5year retrospective review of BSI in a national bone marrow transplantation unit
A bacteriologic study of diabetic foot ulcers
Baka S., Kotsali S., Spathi A., Lykas A., Tsouma I., Panopoulou A., Tsirba I., Koutras D., Genimata V., Kouskouni E.
A case of Alkhurma haemorrhagic fever virus infection in an Italian traveller returning from Egypt
Carletti F., Castilletti C., Di Caro A., Rosaria M., Nisii C., Suter F., Rizzi M., Tebaldi A., Goglio A., Passerini Tosi C., Ippolito G.
A case of fulminant myocarditis complicating scrub typhus in Korea
Ryu S., Kwon K., Choi E.
A case-control study comparing infections due Staphylococcus aureus with Panton-Valentine leucocidin (PVL) to those without PVL
Boan P., Pearson J., Coombs G., Heath C.H., Tan H.L., Christiansen K., Robinson J.O.
A clinical evaluation of two novel PCR-based analyses for the diagnosis of dermatophytosis in skin and hair
Jensen R., Cavling Arendrup M.
A Clostridium sordellii fatal toxic shock syndrome post-medical-abortion in Portugal
Reis T., Chaves C., Soares A., Moreira M., Boaventura L., Ribeiro G.
A comparative study of antibiotic gradient devices for the determination of tigecycline minimum inhibitory concentration
Withey S.
A comparison of severity scores for identifying adult patients with severe 2009 pandemic influenzaA/H1N1 pneumonia
Heo S.T., Oh W.S., Lee C.S., Park S.W., Kim E.S., Yeom J., Kim B.N., Kwak Y., Oh M.D., Hur J.A., Hur A.C., Park Y.S., Pai I.G., Kim H.B., Song J.H., Lee K.S., Lee S.R., Lee S.J., Lee J.H., Kim H.Y., Kim Y.K., Kim N.J.
A comparison of the microbiological efficacy of hydrogen peroxide vapour and ultraviolet light processes for room decontamination
Havill N.L., Boyce J.
A comprehensive study on mechanisms of imipenem resistance in Acinetobacter baumannii clinical isolates in Taiwan
Lee H.-Y., Chang R.-C., Su L.-H., Lin T.-Y., Chiu C.-H.
A etiology of bronchiolitis in hospitalised children in south eastern Spain
Salvador-Garcia C., Moreno-Docon A., Piñero J.A., Iborra-Bendicho M.A., Alfayate S., Segovia-Hernandez M., Sanchez-Solis M.
A model of tick-borne encephalitis in rats infected with Langat virus
Maffioli C., Grandgirard D., Engler O., Leib S.
A most unusual case of superinfection with Arcanobacterium haemolyticum in a primary treated Staphylococcus aureus mitral valve endocarditis in an intravenous drug-user
Sharma R., Przybylo M., Guleri A.
A national enhanced DNA fingerprinting service to investigate potential C.difficile infection case clusters sharing the same ribotype
Wilcox M., Fawley W.
A national study of antimicrobial stewardship structures and antimicrobial use in Irish long-term care facilities
A new approach for CD4 targeting and HIV1 inhibition by antibody therapy
Couto A., Santos C., Gonçalves J.
A new method to inactivate genes on large conjugative plasmids for investigation of their biological function
Cottell J.L., Webber M.A., Piddock L.J.
A new model to study microRNA modulation in response to Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection
A new player on the market for detection of Clostridium difficile?
Floré K.
A new reliable screening method for the evaluation of VISA and hVISA strains by Vancomycin-Teicoplanin MIC Test Strip (Liofilchem Srl, Italy)
Campanile F., Bongiorno D., Perez M., Scuderi C., Mongelli G., Sessa L., Stefani S.
A new trend of rapid disease progression in Japanese patients recently infected with HIV-1
Oka S.
A nonsense mutation in MutS associated with a hypermutable phenotype in a clinical isolate of Enterococcus faecalis
Arpin C., Ba B., Coulange L., André C., Quentin C.
A nosocomial outbreak of red mite (Dermanyssus gallinae) dermatitis in Italy
Galante D., Lomuto M., Totaro G., Mancini G., Nardella La Porta C., Cafiero M.A.
A novel chimeric lysin shows superiority to mupirocin for skin decolonisation of antibiotic-resistant (MRSA) and sensitive (MSSA) Staphylococcus aureus
Pastagia M., Euler C., Fischetti V.
A novel clinical diagnostic assay for the identification of multiple human fungal pathogens in a single sample
Dempsey K., Ricketts A., Fitchett K., Redden J., White P., Perry M., Barnes R.
A novel FISH test for rapid pathogen identification in positive blood cultures
A novel flow cytometric method for rapid detection of carbapenem-resistant Gram-negative bacteria
Faria-Ramos I., Santos-Antunes J., Rodrigues A.G., Pina-Vaz C.
A novel glycolipid biosurfactant from marine Serratia marcescens disrupts pathogenic Candida albicans BH and Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1 biofilms
Dusane D., Pawar V., Nancharaiah Y., Venugopalan V., Kumar A.R., Zinjarde S.
A novel ICE mobilising DHA1 in NDM1 harbouring clinical isolates of E.coli and Klebsiella
Mata C., Weeks J., Walsh T., Toleman M.
A novel mechanism of reduced susceptibility to vancomycin in Staphylococcus aureus
Peleg A.Y., Cameron D., Ward D., Moellering R., Eliopoulos G.M.
A novel silver colloid: assessment of antibacterial activity
Dixon R.A., Baron M.
A novel, automated DNA extraction method from cervical SurePath specimens
Kupfer C., Lindebaum K., Papadopoulos C., Giles J., Hanselle T., Sprenger-Haussels M.
A one-stop shop real-time national decision support system for infectious disease control in England
A pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic investigation of MUT056399 against Staphylococcus aureus in an in vitro PD model
Tsuji B., Lanke S., Ngo D., Soulama-Mouze C., Fischer S., Forrest A.
A phase 1 trial to evaluate the safety and pharmacokinetics of single doses of intravenous solithromycin (CEM-101) in healthy adult subjects
Schranz J., Clark K., Marion A., Ghibellini G., Fernandes P.
A phase 1 trial to evaluate the tolerability, safety and pharmacokinetics of multi-dose intravenous regiments of PMX30063
A phase IV, open-label study evaluating efficacy and safety of intravenous anidulafungin followed by oral azole for the treatment of candidaemiainvasive candidiasis in US/Korean patients
Vazquez J., Reboli A., Pappas P., Patterson T.F., Reinhardt J., Chin-Hong P., Tobin E., Kett D., Biswas P., Swanson R.
A pilot study of serotype distribution and antimicrobial resistance of nasopharyngeal isolates of S.pneumoniae from healthy toddlers in Evros, Greece
Mantadakis E., Themelidis D., Panopoulou M., Maraki S., Alepopoulou E., Kartali S., Chatzimichael A.
A point-prevalence study on surgical antibiotic prophylaxis in a tertiary care hospital and evaluation of the use of the surgical prophylaxis guide
Kocak Tufan Z., Bulut C., Kaya Kilic E., Sonmezer C., Altun S., Temocin F., Tulek N., Kinikli S., Demiroz A.
A pooled analysis of 100 cases of mucormycosis from Turkey
Nazli A., Tasbakan M., Pullukcu H., Sipahi O., Yamazhan T., Arda B.
A population study on Chlamydia trachomatis in adolescents in a high-incidence area in north Norway reveals multiple new MLST genotypes and the new Swedish mutant (nvCT)
A pragmatic approach to blood culture isolate susceptibility testing and ID on the fast track: direct Etest and MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry
Bjørnholt J.V., Gaustad P., Ingebretsen A., Leegaard T.M.
A preliminary quantitative assessment of anti-Helicobacter pylori activity of xanthone derivatives
Karczewska E., Klesiewicz K., Szkaradek N., Gunia A., Marona H., Budak A.
A prospective study on predictors for early death from bacteraemia
Lye D.C., Pada S., Ng T., Llorin R., Kee D., Lee T., Krishnan P., Barkham T., Ang B.
A prospective, open-label, non-comparative study of anidulafungin for treatment of documented candidaemiainvasive candidiasis in selected intensive care unit patients in Europe and Canada (ICEStudy) Focus on microbiologic efficacy
Ruhnke M., Paiva J., Meersseman W., Pachl J., Grigoras I., Sganga G., Menichetti F., Montravers P., Auzinger G., Dimopoulos G., Borges Sá M., Miller P., Marcek T., Kantecki M.
A quantitative assessment of Borrelia and Bartonella DNA and tick-borne encephalitis virus RNA in Ixodes persulcatus Schulze ticks collected in Chelyabinsk region of Russia
Grishechkin A., Kon'kova-Reidman A., Morozova O.
A quick and low-cost PCR-based assay for detection of Candida DNA from blood culture bottles: a pilot study
Melo A.S., Xafranski H., Padovan A.C., Nishikaku A.S., Briones M.R., Colombo A.L.
A randomised clinical trial to evaluate the preventive effect of cranberry juice (UR65) for patients with recurrent urinary tract infection
A randomised controlled trial on the clinical significance of use of PCR for 16S ribosomal DNA and sequencing in patients with bacteraemia
A randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled pilot study to assess the effect of rifaximin chaser to prevent recurrent diarrhoea in patients with Clostridium difficile infection
A randomised, placebo-controlled trial of trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole plus doxycycline versus trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole alone for eradication phase treatment of melioidosis
A rapid and functional assay for detection of resistance against lactam antibiotics by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry
Sparbier K., Weller U., Schubert S., Boogen C., Kostrzewa M.
A research for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus originated from foods: several methods for the detection, occurrence, enterotoxigenic characteristics, and epidemiologic typing method
Salehipour Z., Soltan Dallal M.M., Agha Amiri S., Abedi Mohtasab T., Pourmand M., Zahraei Salehi T., Rahimi Forushani A.
A retrospective review of hospital MRSA outbreaks: does UK15 cause increased colonisation of healthcare workers?
A retrospective study of Dengue virus infection in northwestern Italy in travellers from endemic areas
Milia M.G., Burdino E., Allice T., Gregori G., Sergi G., Cazzato M., Cazzadore M., Calleri G., Lipani F., Ghisetti V.
A retrospective trial to evaluate the safety and efficacy of anidulafungin in individuals with hepatic dysfunction including liver transplant recipients
Barron M., Richardson K., Hilts A., Levi M.
A role of triggering receptors expressed on myeloid cells and the myeloid differentiation factor 88 in Helicobacter pylori infection in children
A seven-year survey of pertussis incidence in the capital city of Sofia, Bulgaria
Brankova N., Levterova V., Panaiotov S., Tankova K., Kantardjiev T.
A severe H1N1 and Legionella co-infection necessitating extracorporal membrane oxygenation treatment
Pongratz P., Hinterholzer G., Thaller F., Rosner M., Schmid D., Wenisch C., Laferl H., Leitner J.
A significant impact on the rate of ESBL-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae by changing the antibiotic policy and consumption
Knudsen J., Andersen S.E.
A simple phenotypic algorithm for direct and specific detection of KPC and MBL carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae in rectal screening
Zarkotou O., Kristo I., Poulou A., Chrysos G., Themeli-Digalaki K., Pournaras S., Tsakris A.
A single-centre epidemiological study of E.coli bacteraemia, antibiotic resistance, and association with hospital exposure
A study of fungal keratitis cases in Sirte Province, Libya
Mehta P., Mehta R., Raghavendra Rao M.V., Balaramiah M., Iban Abdallah A.
A study on aetiology and drug resistance pattern of ventilator-associated pneumonia in an Iranian 1.000-beds tertiary care hospital
A study on Chikungunya virus infection in north India
Agarwal J., Srivastava S., Malik S., Singh K.P., Singh M.
A study to identify risk factors for the acquisition of carbapenemase-producing Gram-negative organisms in a tertiary hospital serving a major international airport
MacDonald C., Thomas S., Thornhill C.
A systematic review of nosocomial outbreaks caused by multidrug-resistant Gram-negative bacteria
A technical committee for epidemiological surveillance from microbiology laboratories data: an Italian five-year period experience in Lombardy region
A trend of drug-resistant Streptococcus pneumoniae at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, Thailand
Techawaleekul P.
A validation study of the Korean Nosocomial Infections Surveillance System
AAC(3)-II is the major aminoglycoside-modification enzyme in China, which leading to the obvious partial cross-resistance in Escherichia coli to agents
Xiao Y., Hu Y.
abaR3-like genomic resistance islands are associated with Acinetobacter baumannii strains of European clone I
Krizova L., Dijkshoorn L., Nemec A.
Abdominal lymphadenopathy and multiple splenic micro-abscesses in an immunocompetent child with cat-scratch disease
Al-Fouzan W., Dhar R., Al-Bannai R., Al-Mutairi B.
Abiotrophia endocarditis and bacteraemia an 8year experience in a tertiary care centre
Absence of Clostridium difficile stool carriage in asymptomatic volunteers
Hell M., Sickau K., Chmelizek G., Kern J.M., Maass M., Huhulescu S., Allerberger F.
Access HIV combo: clinical evaluation of sensitivity and specificity on serum and plasma samples
Gautheret-Dejean A., Descamps F., Gréaume S., Chandelier C., Falcou-Briatte R., Maniez-Montreuil M.
Accumulation of carbapenemase-producing Gram-negative bacteria in a single patient linked to the acquisition of multiple carbapenemase-producing strains and to the in vivo transfer of a plasmid encoding VIM-1
Drieux L., Bourgeois-Nicolaos N., Cremniter J., Lawrence C., Macheras E., Jarlier V., Doucet-Populaire F., Sougakoff W.
Accuracy of the D-glucan assay for the diagnosis of Pneumocystis jirovecii pneumonia: a meta-analysis
Karageorgopoulos D., Korbila I., Vasileiou V., Falagas M.
ACHN-490 as a potential addition to the antimicrobial armamentarium in ICUs with high levels of resistant organisms
Kotlovsky T., Navon-Venezia S., Keren L., Carmeli Y.
Acinetobacter baumannii in Italian hospitals: results from a retrospective data analysis from the Micronet Network laboratories
D Ancona F., Sisto A., Raglio A., Meledandri M., Rocchetti A.
Acinetobacter resistance to antimicrobial agents: a prospective study in Iran
Yadegarynia D., Abbasi F., Khalili-azad M., Asadi S., Ahmadzadeh M., Gholamin S., Gachkar L., Kazemi S.
Acquisition of carbapenem resistance in multi-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae strains harbouring blactx-m-15, qnrs1 and aac(6)-Ib-cr genes
Ruiz E., Ocampo-Sosa A., Rezusta A., Revillo M., Román E., Torres C., Martínez-Martínez L.
Actinobaculum schaalii invasive pathogen or innocent bystander?
Tschudin Sutter S., Frei R., Dangel M., Goldenberger D., Widmer A.F.
Active surveillance for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in intensive care units: incidence density reduced to that of general wards
Activities of moxifloxacin and ertapenem against E.coli, E.cloacae, E.faecalis, and B.fragilis in monoand mixed cultures in an in vitro pharmacokineticpharmacodynamic model simulating human pancreas concentration
Schubert S., Dalhoff A.
Activities of tigecycline and vancomycin
Aslan H., Yapar N.
Activity of 9 antibiotics against intracellular forms of S.pneumoniae
Lemaire S., Tulkens P., Van Bambeke F.
Activity of a novel cyclic lipopeptide, CB-183,315 against Gram-positive aerobic and anaerobic enteric isolates, including vancomycin-resistant enterococci and C.difficile strains with elevated MICs to metronidazole, vancomycin and fluoroquinolones
Snydman D.R., Jacobus N.V., McDermott L.A.
Activity of ACHN-490 against MDR clinical isolates of Klebsiella pneumoniae, Escherichia coli and Enterobacter spp. from Athens, Greece
Galani I., Souli M., Daikos G., Chrysouli Z., Poulakou G., Psichogiou M., Panayea T., Argyropoulou A., Stefanou I., Plakias G., Giamarellou H., Petrikkos G.
Activity of ceftaroline against European isolates from complicated skin and skin structure infections collected in 20082009
Morrissey I., Leakey A., Ambler J.
Activity of ceftaroline against serotyped Streptococcus pneumoniae isolates from Europe (20072008)
Morrissey I., Leakey A., Ambler J.
Activity of ceftaroline and comparator agents tested against organisms responsible for community-acquired respiratory tract infections in Europe (2009)
Activity of colistin against European P.aeruginosa from the TEST Study: 20092010
Hackel M., Hoban D., Johnson B., Bouchillon S., Johnson J., Hawser S., Dowzicky M.
Activity of daptomycin against staphylococcal blood isolates. Glycopeptide tolerance and comparison of vancomycin MICs determined by broth microdilution and Etest
Picazo J., Betriu C., Rodríguez-Avial I., Culebras E., López-Fabal F., Gómez M.
Activity of daptomycin, levofloxacin, clindamycin and rifampicin against Propionibacterium acnes in planktonic and biofilm state
Furustrand U., Zimmerli W., Trampuz A.
Activity of doripenem versus imipenem, meropenem and ceftazidime in clinical isolates of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Acinetobacter baumannii in Portugal
Sancho L., Sardinha T., Sousa G., Silva F., Matos F.
Activity of drugs against Mycobacterium tuberculosis under hypoxic plus acidic conditions
Piccaro G., Giannoni F., Filippini P., Fattorini L.
Activity of finafloxacin, a fluroquinolone with enhanced activity at acid pH, against intracellular Legionella pneumophila: comparison with azithromycin, clarithromycin, telithromycin, ciprofloxacin and moxifloxacin
Lemaire S., Tulkens P., Van Bambeke F.
Activity of JNJ-Q2, a new fluoroquinolone, tested against contemporary (2010) European pathogens isolated from patients with acute bacterial skin and skin-structure infections
Farrell D., Liverman L., Rhomberg P., Jones R.
Activity of JNJ-Q2, a new fluoroquinolone, tested against contemporary (2010) European pathogens isolated from patients with community-acquired bacterial pneumonia
Farrell D., Liverman L., Rhomberg P., Jones R.
Activity of PF1 and PF2, novel siderophore conjugated lactams, tested against Enterobacteriaceae strains carrying emerging resistance mechanisms
Castanheira M., Jones R., Farrell D., Huband M., Quinn J., Mueller J.
Activity of POL7001 against Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates from cystic fibrosis patients
Bragonzi A., Cigana C., Bernardini F., Paroni M., DeMarco S., Misson P., Schmitt N., Dembowsky K., Obrecht D.
Activity of polymyxin B and rifampin against Acinetobacter baumannii in suspension and biofilm
Speil C., Rzepka R., Khardori N.
Activity of the novel sulfactam BAL30072, alone and in combination with meropenem, against Enterobacteriaceae harbouring the NDM1 lactamase
Walsh T., Weeks J., Toleman M., Stubbings W., Page M., Jones M.
Activity of tigecycline and five comparators against recent Gram-negative anaerobes in Europe the Tigecycline European Surveillance Trial
Hackel M., Bouchillon S., Johnson B., Hoban D., Renteria M., Johnson J., Badal R., Hawser S., Dowzicky M.
Acute and fulminant hepatitisB in public hospitals of Marseille, southeastern France
Panassié L., Borentain P., Nafati C., Bernardin G., Doudier B., Thibault V., Gérolami R., Colson P.
Acute phase DMSA renal cortical scintigraphy for identifying dilating vesicoureteral reflux in children with a first febrile urinary tract infection: a diagnostic test accuracy meta-analysis
Mantadakis E., Vouloumanou E., Georgantzi G., Tsalkidis A., Chatzimichael A., Falagas M.
Adequacy of antimicrobial therapy of intra-abdominal infections: healthcare-associated versus community-acquired
Meijering V.M., Ekkelenkamp M.B., de Lange D.W.
Adherence to antibiotic guidelines for empirical treatment of pneumonia in the Netherlands
Advantages and limitations of tigecycline and fosfomycin disk diffusion method for antimicrobial susceptibility testing in multidrug-resistant strains, including KPC producers
Pasteran F., Lucero C., Rapoport M., Guerriero L., Barreiro I., Albornoz E., Veliz O., Corso A.
Adventure tourism and schistosomiasis: serology and clinical findings in a group of Danish students after white-water rafting in Uganda
Röser D., Bjerrum S., Helleberg M., Abel L., Nielsen H.V., David K., Thybo S.
Adverse effect of influenza A/H1N1 vaccination on endothelial function of HIV infected patients
Sambatakou H.
Aeromonas hydrophila resistant to carbapenems: discrepancy in the results between Etest and microdilution method
Marín-Casanova P., Galan-Sanchez F., Guerrero-Lozano I., Garcia-Martos P., Garcia-Tapia A., Oteo J., Rodriguez-Iglesias M.
Aetiology and antibiotic susceptibility of urinary tract infections in the elderly: a cohort study
Aetiology of community-acquired pneumonia in the adult and the H1N1 influenza pandemic
San Gil A., Robles A., Pascual V., Calbo E., Viladot E., Benet S., Barreiro B., Cuchi E., Torres J., Canales L., De Marcos J., Perez J., Garau J.
Aetiology of invasive fungal infections: results of a two-centre study in tissue biopsies from patients with proven infection
Buitrago M.J., Ballen A., Garcia-Rodriguez J., Bernal-Martinez L., Garcia-Reyne A., Prieto M., Aguado J.M., Cuenca-Estrella M.
Agreement between clinical scoring methods for the diagnosis of childhood tuberculosis in a Venezuelan indigenous population
Villalba-Nuñez J., Verhagen L., Pereira R., Maes M., del Nogal B., de Waard J.
Alarming rates of fluoroquinolone resistance in CTX-M15 harbouring Enterobacteriaceae recovered from patients with hospital-associated diarrhoea
Vervoort J., Gazin M., Kazma M., Kotlovsky T., Lammens C., Carmeli Y., Goossens H., Malhotra-Kumar S.
Alginate exopolysaccharide acts as a ligand for P.aeruginosa invasion of lung epithelial cells through its interaction with p63
All-cause mortality among hospitalised CDI patients is associated with PCR-ribotype 027 but independent of the presence of binary toxin
Hensgens M.P., Goorhuis A., Dekkers O.M., Kuijper E.
Allele-specific real-time PCR for cost-effective canonical SNP genotyping of Bacillus anthracis
Altered protein secretion of Chlamydia trachomatis in persistently infected human endocervical epithelial cells
Ambiguous Quantiferon-TB gold test results in Swiss healthcare workers: analysis of IL2/IFNg ratios
Mayor D., Berger A., Bittel P., Iseli P., Suter-Riniker F., Bodmer T.
Amikacin and tobramycin for Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Acinetobacter baumannii complex according to PK/PD and microbiological breakpoints: is there a difference to revise antibiotic policies?
Cardoso F., Gomes S., Alves E., Cardoso C., Ferreira A.
Aminoglycoside resistance and distribution of resistance genes in sporadic and outbreak strains of Acinetobacter baumannii isolated in Abu Dhabi
Pal T., Gazawi A., Sonnevend A., Ibrahim M., Belal S.E., Al-Haj M.
Aminoglycoside resistance in Escherichia coli in western Norway
Moellering R.
Amoeba as genitor of new pathogenic microorganisms
Raoult D.
Amoxicillin-clavulanic acid susceptibility testing: fixed ratio versus fixed concentration of clavulanic acid
Halaby T., Al Naiemi N., van 't Klooster T., Koehorst N., Heilmann F.
AmpC lactamases in Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae blood isolates
Köseoglu Eser Ö., Öcal Y., Sener B., Hascelik G.
Amplification of CTX-M15-B2-ST131 and emergence of A and D widespread clones producing different ESBLs in Portuguese hospitals
Novais Â., Machado E., Amaral S., Gonçalves T., Cantón R., Coque T.M., Peixe L.
An evaluation of nebulised hydrogen peroxide post routine cleaning for environmental surface disinfection
Kok J., Thomas L., Tallon J., Dempsey K., Gilbert G.
An in vitro multisite study of vancomycin and daptomycin MIC results and tolerance of contemporary Staphylococcus aureus from Spain
Koeth L., Cercenado E., Marco F., Pitart C., Linares F., Perez-Trallero E., Canton R., Perez Saenz J.L.
An interaction between clone type and vancomycin MIC influences risk of endocarditis associated with MRSA bloodstream infection
Miller C., Tosas O., Batra R., Otter J., French G., Edgeworth J.
An invertebrate model of infection to evaluate virulence in A.fumigatus
Gomez-Lopez A., Slater J.L., Gregson L., Cendejas E., Mellado E., Howard S.J., Hope W.W., Rodriguez-Tudela J.L., Cuenca-Estrella M.
An observational, follow-up study in a clinical cohort of Clostridium difficile infection patients comparing three initial treatment regimes
An unusual presentation of neuroborreliosis
Cortez J., Shamasna M., Nunes J., Valente C., Pissarra F.
Anaerobic infections and susceptibility to antimicrobial agents in a Portuguese hospital
Carneiro F., Read A., Monteiro M., Soares M., Alves V.
Analysis of aetiology of invasive fungal infections using a panfungal PCR-based method in tissue biopsies with proven infection
Cuenca-Estrella M., Buitrago M.J., Bernal-Martinez L., Gomez-Lopez A., Rodriguez-Tudela J.L.
Analysis of cellular senescence induced by lipopolysaccharide in pulmonary alveolar epithelial cells
Analysis of Klebsiella pneumoniae strains with non-enzymatic carbapenem resistance isolated in the Czech Republic, Poland and Russia
Chudackova E., Bergerova T., Zemlickova H., Edelstein M., Gniadkowski M., Hrabak J.
Analysis of linezolid in vitro activity against Gram-positive species in Asia TEST 20042010
Lob S., Badal R., Hoban D., Johnson J., Bouchillon S., Dowzicky M.
Analysis of multidrug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii clinical isolates
Kasinathan V., Drake T., Wang Y.
Analysis of oritavancin activity tested against a challenge set of Staphylococcus aureus from Europe (20082010)
Mendes R., Sader H., Farrell D., Jones R.
Analysis of recombinant Echinococcus granulosus antigen B for serological diagnosis of Echinococcosis by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay
Kalantari E., Kazemi B., Mosaffa N., Bandehpour M.
Analysis of risk factors for surgical site infections after gastric surgery in the Korean Nosocomial Infections Surveillance System (KONIS)
Analysis of the results of the SEIMC external quality control programme in the detection of gastrointestinal viruses
Orta N., Guna M.R., Poveda M., Ovies M., Ruiz de Gopegui E., Perez J.L., Gimeno C.
Analytical comparison of the BD GenOhm Cdiff assay to the Ridascreen C.difficile toxinA/B ELISA for detection of C.difficile associated disease
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Antibiotic-resistant bacteria in potable water: tapping into the problem
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Antibodies against a 20-kDa polysaccharide of Staphylococcus epidermidis inhibit adhesion and facilitate endocytosis to human macrophages
Anti-cytomegalovirus Avidity Index in women with and without recurrent pregnancy loss
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Antifungal management strategy for high-risk neutropenic patients based on itraconazole levels
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Are probiotics growth promoters inhumans?No
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Are probiotics growth promoters inhumans?Yes
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Aspergillus-specific immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridisation facilitate diagnosis of aspergillosis
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Assessment of linezolid, vancomycin, and rifampicin as monotherapy in comparison with combination of linezolidrifampicin and vancomycinrifampicin in the treatment of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus acute osteomyelitis
Assessment of mycoplasma duo kit culture system for the detection of Mycoplasma hominis and Ureaplasma urealyticum in cervicovaginal secretions
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Association of H.pylori infection with recurrent abdominal pain based on H.pylori Stool Antigen
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Association of in vitro growth parameters with in vivo virulence of Aspergillus fumigatus based on a novel virulence index
Association of Toll-like receptor 4 (A896G, C1196T and G1199A) and CD14 (C-159T) polymorphisms with susceptibility to brucellosis
Association of virulence markers and antimicrobial susceptibility in Escherichia coli clinical isolates
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Associations between operative site microbial counts and procedure classification in neurosurgery
Asymptomatic Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever infection in endemic regions
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Audit of antibiotic therapies in 66 cases of endocarditis
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Automated microscope and flow cytometer to screen bacteriuria: a comparison
Automating selection of epidemiological cut-off values using a dedicated software tool: MicDat
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Automating the bacteriology laboratory
Automation in routine bacteriology experience with the WASP inoculation robot
AVI-6006 for the treatment of Dengue viral infections
AZD9773 is a novel selective anti-TNFa ovine polyclonal immune Fab
Azole-resistance in Aspergillus fumigatus: collateral damage of fungicide use?
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